Personal and Business Services Offered by AFS


At AFS, our focus is on being your personal financial manager. We make your finances simple for you; we think of the things you may not; and we compile, research and report. The services we offer your family and/or business include, but are not limited to:



If you don't find a service that you are looking for, please ask. There's a very good chance that either we can provide the service you are looking for or we will know someone who can.



Expense Management, Bookkeeping, Bill Paying and Financial Statement Preparation:


An important key to wealth preservation is expense management. AFS will cut your costs but you will not lose your quality of life.


We compile your assets and liabilities and treat them with the importance they deserve. We reconcile and pay credit cards and bank accounts on a monthly basis. Our strategy allows us to identify possible liquidity needs prior to any events or needs. Your financial obligations will be met in a timely fashion, eliminating unnecessary late fees.


Your financial records are kept securely and we are able to provide reporting at any time. AFS' secure software enables us to print your financial statements at a push of the button. Your accountant will be able to make quarterly reporting deadlines with ease and compiling your annual tax return will no longer be a dreaded task because AFS has kept track of your records all year long.



Performance Reporting, Asset Allocation and Investment Advisor Vetting:


With over 25 years of experience in the investment industry, AFS is equipped to analyze your investments as a cohesive whole. When investments are spread over different Investment Advisors and brokerage firms, deciphering various statement formats and analyzing your assets in their entirety can be confusing or time consuming. Our proprietary reporting process allows us to show you how your portfolio is performing as a whole, or by specific entity, and compare those numbers to relevant indices.


With financial markets becoming ever more volatile, asset allocation and diversification is the key to good overall performance. AFS' reporting will highlight where your overall portfolio is lacking in sectors or overweighted in positions that may occur when more than one Investment Advisor is handling your money or when your portfolio is not reviewed and adjusted frequently enough. Reviewing your multiple investment accounts allows us to accumulate all necessary information for your accountant for a complete picture when forecasting your IRS obligations. Additionally, AFS verifies that your accounts have been established in accordance to your estate plan and are titled properly.


Finding an Advisor who will meet your goals is instrumental for wealth management. When you need to find an advisor, we have a "short list" of trustworthy advisors with proven records in many disciplines to recommend. Our experience, understanding of the industry, and investment instruments and experience enable us to ask the right questions when vetting an investment advisor. Every Advisor will tell you why their strategy is what you need but AFS' understanding of your objectives and needs allow us to objectively, and without bias, recommend a good Advisor for your specific needs.



Financial Advisor Coordination:


AFS is not in the practice of changing your trusted advisors, however, we will make sure your current advisors are meeting your goals. We serve as a liaison between all of your financial advisors, including bankers, accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, and insurance providers. We oversee all of your financial administrative and account needs to ensure that your finances are run efficiently and effectively and are in your best interests.



Cash Management:


Because AFS wants you to get the most from your hard-earned money, we assist in cash management by researching CD rates and tracking rollovers. Additionally, we help you maximize your savings or retirement contributions while minimizing your tax burden. And, in this ever-changing world of tax law, we make sure your estate is compliance with current regulations, including required retirement distributions.



Family Foundation and Trust Administration:


AFS assists in Family Foundation and Trust Administration by executing charitable gifting needs.



Insurance Consulting:


AFS works with insurance experts to analyze your current policies and advise you on tax efficient ways to structure your insurance needs while protecting your assets. Additionally, AFS will sort out your health insurance by tracking claims, potential write-offs, and open enrollment issues.



Financial Affidavits:


Are you getting married or divorced? The paperwork involved in valuing your assets and liabilities can be complicated, time consuming, and difficult. The professionals at AFS are dedicated to getting the financial work done efficiently for you and your attorneys. We assist in valuing your assets and liabilities (including businesses and tangible personal property) and preparing financial statements.



Real Estate Transactions:


AFS assists in real estate transactions; we are your liaison between realtors and mortgage providers. We will aggregate all of the financial information that you need to complete real estate purchases.



AFS is in one business – to be YOUR family office. We do not accept compensation from investment managers. We are not part of an investment bank. We do not sell proprietary products. We are ONLY paid by you!