Why Choose AFS


Traveling, living part-time in more than one home, school plays and family vacations, yoga, skiing or marathon training: whatever your personal priorities may include, AFS is the answer to getting it all done. As your partner we can free up your valuable time or your office staff from day-to-day operations. Your time is a valuable commodity!


AFS takes that "box" that is your financial life. We organize it, de-clutter it, summarize it, and maintain it for you. We take the complexity out of your life and assume responsibility for the more routine tasks to simplify your life and free up your time. We simplify your life by representing your best interests in managing your many assets or bank and investment accounts, and your real estate matters. We will also take charge of coordinating the various professional disciplines – bankers, investment managers, accountants, lawyers – necessary to manage your family's or business's financial affairs. This integrated approach is critical since the best advice may be useless if it is received in a vacuum or misaligned with your goals or financial strategy. Overall, families who use a multi-family office save money year over year by allowing a professional to care for their greatest assets.


As technology evolves, so do the applications. This ever changing industry can prove to be costly between training and IT costs. AFS has a highly experienced technology consultant who not only ensures our in-house security but also provides us with top-notch technology. You receive the benefits of high tech without putting out the money.




AFS is in one business – to be YOUR family office. We do not accept compensation from investment managers. We are not part of an investment bank. We do not sell proprietary products. We are ONLY paid by you!